Superman Returns

So when the movie starts, I was immediately transported back to my childhood, as I would wonder if I could call upon Superman to rescue me, and it felt good. The movie opens up with a shot of the stars in the sky, and you are totally engulfed in the surroundings. Then the music begins and the credits starts flying, just like it did in the original Superman movie, and I knew at once I was in for a treat.

Whether you like or hate Superman Returns all depends on what your mindset is. You may approach the movie from an emotional point of view, or from an intellectual point of view. To those of who grew up in the 80s, adulating Superman, will definitely come in from an emotional point of view, seeking to reconnect with their childhood superhero. Others will approach it from an intellectual point of view, seeking to see this movie on it’s own, and it’s this group which felt unsatisfied with the movie’s high expectations.

Superman was alwways portrayed as an All American hero in the original movies, but in this one, being politically correct, Superman is an immigrant to the country of the US, having come in from Planet Kryptonite, and he lands in a city called Metropolis.

Director Singer, who’s gay by the way, has found a new star in relatively unknown Brandon Routh, who at times looks suspiciously like a younger version of Christopher Reeve. Kate Bosworth, who plays Lois Lane, handles her role with much aplomb and elan, given she’s only 23. Kevin Spacey relishes his role of Lex Luthor with much delight.

Superman Returns is set five years after where the second Superman movie ended, and when Superman returns to earth after having been gone for give years, he realizes how the world has moved on. The girl he loved married and had a kid. Lane also published an article on Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman. Clearly, Superman struggles to find his place once again in the hearts of the world by saving them from evil doers as well as finding a place in Lois Lane’s heart.

Given the length of the movie at about two and a half hours, Superman Returns was all I expected it to be, and thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the whole cinema, responded by loud clapping, cheering and whistling when Superman saves the crashing plan, or when he beats off the baddies!

My favorite scene in the movie is when a villain shoots Superman with his gun, and the bullet flys right into Superman’s left eye, bouncing off it. Totally amazing.

I don’t care what the world has to say about this movie, whether they love it or hate, but for me, I am in love with him as I was back in the 80s, and I think the world does need Superman after all!


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