Sometimes independent horror movies are scarier and better made than
the mainstream horror movies. Reeker is one such case, and having seen
The Omen 666 recently, the makers of Omen should have sought a lesson
from the makers of Reeker.

Reeker is one of those low budget, independent horror film that many
will not have heard about. I didn’t know anything about it till it was
screened here. The movie may start off like any other horror movie,
but this one is actually quite well made.

Three guys (Jack, Trip and Nelson) and two girls (Gretchen and Cookie)
are on their way through a lone desert highway. Jack is blind, which
Trip finds out later. Trip himself has stolen a massive dose of
Ecstasy pill, and is somewhat on the run from the guy he stole from.
The second Gretchen finds out Trip has illegal amount of Ecstasy
pills, she stops the car and asks him to get out. Cookie takes the
opportunity to go to the toilet. Suddenly, the ground shakes with such
a force, as if a nuclear explosion has taken place. Jack, the blind
guy, can immediately sense that an earthquake on a scale of 5.12 has
taken place. They all pile up and get to the nearest motel, which
seems abandoned, where their car stops working. Trip begins to realize
something funny is going on. Soon, the guy from whom Trip had stole
the drug is on their case. During the night, a stranger passes by
looking for his wife. But something else is going on. They begin to
smell something funny. Cookie goes out, and she smells something and
she knows she is dead. Trip and Nelson also smell the weird smell and
they face directly with the Reeker!

Gretchen finds clues in the abandoned motel. She and Jack have to face
the Reeker too, but they can get away safely if they “fight” the
Reeker. How Gretchen and her blind friend Jack make an attempt to
escape forms the rest of the story.

However, the cool thing is that there is a massive twist at the end, a
la The Sixth Sense. You don’t see it coming, and once the twist is
revealed do you realize why things happened the way they did. It’s
actually a pretty clever horror movie. True to its genre, there
definitely some scenes that stood out and made you scared. The brief
opening scene is scary enough, with the sliced-in-half dog walking on
its two front legs!

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