Silent Hill

On Monday night, at 1210am, I went to see a movie called Silent Hill. I hadn’t heard much about this movie, except that it’s based on a video game a la Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Doom. Rarely do movies based on video games do well (remember Mario Bros, what a disaster!). But, reading lukewarm reviews to this movie made me want to see it, and in short, I was genuinely surprised at how good this movie turned out to be.

Sharon, the young daughter of Rose, suffers from sleepwalking and when she is in that state, she keeps on saying Silent Hill over and over, and so Rose, determined to help her daughter get better, takes her to Silent Hill. Silent Hill, which is now a ghost town, used to be a coal-mining town which had a disaster. However, some people claim that there are still fires burning beneath that town. A cop tries to stop Rose from taking her daughter to Silent Hill, but Rose refuses and speeds up, and just before they enter the town, a small girl crosses her path, leading Rose to crash her car. When she gets up, she sees her daughter is missing, and thus begins her search for missing kid in a creepy, eerie town called Silent Hill.

If you keep in mind that this movie is based on a video game concept, I think it’s one of the better movies than Doom and Resident Evil. There are times in Silent Hill, when Rose is in a school or hotel, that you can sense you are in a video game, leading Rose from room to room picking up clues and fighting off the evil monsters. Silent Hill works as a creepy horror movie too, because very little CGI is used, and mainly real people, which gives it a more scary effect (remember the faceless nurses?)

The story line may get muddled up, but the creepy atmosphere and scary monsters, and great visuals and set up make up for the story line, which tries to make take into account the different dimensions/ time/ space concept. It worked for me. It did not work for others. A friend of mine wants to kill me after I had told how much I enjoyed this movie at the theatres.

Maybe it was because I watched it at the end of a tiring day when I was begging for some entertainment and this movie more than just made up for it. Also, the actress Radha Mitchell, who was superb in Pitch Black, does a commendable job here. And THAT one could see it coming!

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