About a week ago I saw Hostel, which created waves upon its release. It was like The Blair Witch Project of 2005. Hostel is directed by Eli Roth who made Cabin Fever, which is another intense, claustrophobic movie (and one which I like a lot!)

Hostel is about two American students who are backpacking through Europe, and include an Icelander in their group. They go clubbing, meeting women and have sex- typical of young single men who are in Europe in search of drugs and women. One particular night after returning from a club, they find out they are locked out of their hostel, and another guy Alex takes them in. When our three guys are with Alex, they get to hear from Alex about this “Hostel” in Slovakia, where there are young, beautiful women who crave for men, especially American men. Alex shows the guys the pictures of naked women, and the next thing we know, our three friends are on their way to Slovakia to meet with the girls and have sex.

However, one fine morning, their Icelander friend has packed his bags and left the Hostel. The two remaining friends seek him out but cannot find him. Then, the second guy from group leaves, leaving the last one to fend for himself. In his attempt to find his friend, he is drawn into a sinister world filled with indescribable feelings and words. He is led to discover to what is really happening behind the Hostel, of which I will not disclose.

Stupid of me to watch this movie alone at 2am, since I could not sleep afterwards. I even had work the next day, but was so freaked out from this movie, I just could not go to sleep. It is a very creepy movie and makes you wonder if there are places like that as seen in Hostel. It’s a creepy movie, a movie that will make you feel sick and disgusted in your stomach. It’s not scary or horror as such, but it certainly leaves you feeling disturbed and uncomfortable.

Hostel. Watch it at your own risk.

Rated R, I must say, for heavy nudity in the beginning, but genuinely creepy and disturbing moments that linger long after you have seen the movie.

One small thing I will say: “Yolky Eye” and “Slit Ankles” (my worst nightmare!) That should give you an idea of what Hostel is really about!

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