Open Water

Ok, so one time my friend I went on this diving trip with a bunch of people off the coast of an island in Barabados. There were couple of more couples, honeymooners mostly, several single guys and girls and a family. I was really exicted about the driving trip. The workload of both me and my friend had overloaded us with stress and pain… and we both needed a break from the hectic schedule. A diving trip in the sunny ocean seemed just the right thing. The boat ride was amazing, and we immediately felt a sense of isolation- away from the hustle and bustle of the crazy chaotic world.

Once we got there, someone interrupted us and asked us if we saw his mask and snorkel and we said no. He was really upset and started cursing himself. This meant he will not be allowed to come into the water with the rest of the group. I noticed one of the crew member was taking a body count and saw how he had written a big 20 on his note pad. Soon we stopped at the spot, and everyone put on the diving suits and gas tank and jumped into the water. Guys and girls jumped in. The poor guy without the mask was sitting there alone. My friend and I had an amazing time underwater. Now, what happened is that one of the couples returned to the boat. The crew member marked 2 people returned. 18 more people to return. The man without the mask asked the woman if he could borrow hers, and she said ok. So this man quickly got into the diving suit and went with the woman’s husband into the water. The crew member did not see this. So, when everyone returned to the boat, he counted 16 people who returned and then counted the last 2 as the man without the mask and the woman’s husband. So he counted 20 and the boat left.

My friend and I suddenly noticed that we were the only ones underwater and quickly rose to the surface. No one was there. It was 930am. We gave each other company. 1045am. Where the heck is the boat. 130pm. Something stung my friend. In an instant, there was a huge fin right in front of us. Sharks. Panic ensues. We dont know what to do. One shark followed by two sharks. At night, there is a whole family of shark. We just bob up and down in the salty ocean water. My friend loses the gas tank because my friend is getting sick from bobbing up and down all day. My friend throws up. It attracts more fish. The next day, while we are still waiting for help, I feel a huge bite in right leg. It feels like as if someone drove three knives into my calves. It doesnt pain as much as I thought it would, but I felt the bite. My friend went down to see the bite, and came up back screaming: there are giant sharks everywhere. I panic. I cannot stay strong anymore. I give up.

So guys, none of that really happened to me. This synopsis is from a movie I watched last night. It is called Open Water, and it is based on true events. I will not spoil the ending for you. It is the least expected ending. Go watch it! Now! But watch it only if you dont plan on going into the ocean soon– because this movie put me off from going into the oceans now…at least for the time being!

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