If you watch one movie this winter, make sure its Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. I took interest in this movie after Gibson announced his new movie after completing The Passion of the Christ. Apocolytpo is based on the Mayan/ Incan civilization. Like who would watch a movie based on a dead civilization. I tell you, when I was watching this movie, I didn’t feel like I was watching a movie, but rather felt like as I was transported to the Mayan civilization and that all that happens on screen happened in reality.

The entire movie is shot in the local Mayan dialect with English subtitles, which is actually very effective, just like it was in The Passion of the Christ. Because everyone were speaking the local dialect, it made the film all the more realistic.

The movie follows the life of one man, who is separated from his pregnant wife and son as a rival tribe take the men and women hostage to their own territory. Where there are taken we don’t know, but once we find out what their fate is, it’s horrifying, so much so, four people left the cinema as their stomachs could probably not digest what was unfolding on the screen. While the captives are being faced with their new destiny, fate intercedes and sets our hero free from his destiny. He manages to escape all the while his enemies are after him. The rest of the movie is a ticking time bomb as he has to make it in time to save his family all the while escaping his enemies, and in the process realizes what his ultimate destiny in life is.

It’s an amazing movie. It’s a very provocative movie. You are forced to express your feelings, whether you are in awe, in shock, in suspense, in tears, in laughter, whatever it is, you are provoked. The suspense is very high. The reality factor is high. Not once do you think you are watching actors, but are immersed in the Mayan civilization. Check out the passion and energy of Jaguar Paw. Check out the determination of the mother seeking to save her sons. Check the young son giving hope to his mother. If you shed away the language, the culture, the customs, you see a love story at heart, and indeed a very touching one.

And with this movie, I am a huge Mel Gibson fan now!

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