Super Size Me

I watched this movie again last night which I had seen earlier called Super Size Me! I was having a conversation with my brother who told me he has vowed to never take his daughter to McDonalds again. I asked him what’s the big deal? Why target McDonald? Why not Burger King? Pizza Hut? Subways? I even told him that if I eat Biryani for a whole month for three meals, I would probably end up in the same situation as the guy in Super Size Me. So I watched the movie again last night, and man oh man, I am not eating McDonalds again! When I had read Fast Food Nation, which talks about all the unhealthy practices that takes place in making McDonald, I thought that was it: no more McDonalds, but I continued having it. Super Size Me is about Morgan, who is a relatively fit person, who embarks upon a one month diet of McDonalds’ meals, three times a day. He has some rules: he will only super-size the meal if he is asked by the cashier and he has to have everything from the menu at least once.

I remember, back in 1998, when I started university, I had McDonald’s at least four times a week for one whole semester, which is about 4-5 months! I mean, I literally had McDonald’s sandwiches four times a week as my main meal (I don’t eat fries at all and always take Diet coke). I had no other option: the cafeteria at my university would not serve dinners and everyone in my dorm block would go together to McDonalds! I can tell you two things: I gained weight fast and I started to suffer from acid indigestion and heartburn. I had to take medications for that, and once I reduced drastically my consumption of McDonalds, I found my health to be normal.

The movie talked about how the Cheese in McDonald’s has some kind of ingredient which causes people to be addicted to the food. I tell you, we are not even half sure where the food comes from in McDonalds. One of my favorite food from McDonalds was Chicken Nuggets. The movie last night reminded me that Chicken Nuggets come from old chicken with unusually large breasts; those chicken are killed, processed in the machine, and the nuggets made from the breasts, which are then deep-fried, freezed and shipped all over the world! I fell sick in my stomach! Guys, if anything, fast food may seem to be great, but its all temporary. I refused to eat McDonalds today and have made a solemn oath to myself to not have McDonalds again!

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