Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Carrey and Winslet play two characters that meet up in a subway train and decide to stay together. After a tumultuous relationship, Winslet enlist the services of Lacuna, who erase the memories Winslet has of Carrey and their relationship. Carrey meets up with Winslet again, and Winslet, not knowing who Carrey is, ignores him. Carrey is upset and he also proceeds to get the same procedure done. While at the time of his memories being erased of the girl he loved, he realizes that they shared a deeper passion, and in the midst of the procedure, realizes that he does not want to have her erased after all. The rest of the movie follows how the company is after Carrey’s memories, and how Carrey is fleeing from them to save his memories.

It is a heavy movie, no doubt, and we managed to get through the movie with the subtitles on. There are confusing scenes, where you don’t realize what’s happening. Having said that, I thought it was an interesting concept and got me thinking, is there any part of my memory that I would like to have erased? Maybe some sad incident or some unpleasant one in my life? But then, maybe that memory served a purpose in my life. I mean, lets say, I had a bad relationship with a girl in school. Would I want to erase that memory just because it makes me sad and angry—but then again, that particular memory serves a springboard for me to deal with such situation and emerging as a stronger person.

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