Cube, which has a cast of unknown actors, was the better of the two movies for me. It is a sci-fi, suspense film. It starts of by one man waking up in a room, which is a cube shaped. There are 6 doors leading off from each side of the room, all four walls, and ceiling and floor. He opens one, and proceeds to the next room. From the new room, he opens another door, and crash!bang!boom! He sets of the booby trap and is killed horribly. That is just a preview of what’s to come. We follow six more characters that all wake up in this room, with no previous recollection of how they got there. They are the Cop, Student, Doctor, Escape Artist, Mute and an Architect (!). They all try to figure out how to proceed to the next room, without entering one which has the booby traps. Each of them has a gift and they all put to use their gift to get out of the cube. For most of the time, you are sitting there wondering what the Cube is, will they ever get out and is the next room they enter a safe one!

Cube is a great movie, because it comments on how the social structure of the society is breaking down. The people argue and bicker, but at times do wonders when they work collectively. There are a lot of symbolisms in the movie, but it is interesting to know that there can be more than several interpretations to this movie. This movie came out in 1997, and somehow is not widely available on the market. If you get the chance, watch it, and be prepared to use your grey matter!

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