The Ring Two

I finally managed to see The Ring Two today. I was so unsure if I should watch it or not, and I think I wasted two hours of my life and 30Dirhams on this movie. I so felt like I was watching a re-make of the first part. The Ring, part one, was so much more tense and creepy. There was this sense of tension and suspense when we see that Rachel has only one week to live. There was that creepy, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday titles that showed up. There was the suspense of finding out who the girl is, and what the video is all about. The first scene where the two girls discuss the video was downright scary. In fact, the best thing about the first part was the clippings in the video and sheer horror shown in it.

However, in the second part, we only get to see the videotape once(not the video clippings) and later on, we see only glimpses of the video. It seemed like a re-hash of the first part! The movie had the same beginning-middle-end like the first part. In fact, the first scene in this movie was very pale in comparison to the first one. The similarity is used to the extent of even having the same male character, who Rachel enlists the help of, and having him face the same fate like that of the male character in the first part I felt like I was watching a re-make of the first part, which made the movie very predictable. There was some attempt to give the audience some back story as to who the girl is, but not much is shared with us. I can only think of one good scene which was executed well (the bathtub scene at Max’s house). I was extremely disappointed from this movie. I know the original Japanese version has three parts, and I am only hoping that the third part of Hollywood’s version would surpass this mediocre part two.

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